Reading glasses are intended as a temporary, immediate relief for deteriorating eyesight. They are intended for elderly persons who suffer from reduced eye accommodation ability. This results in a difficulty when observing close items, e.g. while reading. These symptoms usually appear close to the age of 45. It is a natural phenomenon related to aging. They usually become noticeable when the closest distance at which we are able to read a written text is increased, so that we are forced into an obviously unnatural reading position.

Polarized sunglasses – Collection 2019

BRILO.EU polarized sunglasses ensure 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B harmful radiation. POLARIZED lenses reduce all kinds of irritating glare and intensify sight sharpness as well as distinctness of colors. BRILO.EU polarized sunglasses are designed to protect eyes from strong sunlight. Sunglasses offered with microfibre soft pouch in set.

BRILO.EU polarized sunglasses meet the Essential Requirements of EU Directive 89/686 EEC and are made in compliance with the european norm EN ISO 12312-1:2013 – ‘Individual eye protection…’.