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We are a Polish brand offering reading glasses, sunglasses and accessories. We take care of every detail at the stage of designing the collection and manufacturing the glasses, so that our models meet all your expectations. In our offer you will find minimalist classics, as well as more extravagant proposals, in line with current trends.

We will take care of your eyesight at the highest level!

Take advantage of our wide selection of women's and men's glasses.

Reading glasses Brilo

Reading glasses are designed for the temporary, ad hoc correction of vision defects, for elderly people who, in the process of ageing, have experienced a reduction in their ability to accommodate the eye. The glasses comply with all European standards for the safety of their use and are true design gems.
Ready-made reading glasses are no substitute for glasses for everyday use!

Sunglasses Brilo

Brilo.eu polarised sunglasses protect against harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation. Thanks to their properties, polarised lenses eliminate unwanted light reflections for the eyes, increase the contrast of vision and emphasise colours. They ideally protect the eyes during strong sunlight.
The glasses are sold with a practical case (made of microfiber), which effectively protects the lenses from scratches.